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OKC POP CON welcomes Lillo Brancato Jr


Starring alongside Robert De Niro and Chazz Palminteri in A Bronx Tale, Calogero “C” was taught that the saddest thing in life is wasted talent and that Nobody cares.

He also played Pvt. Benitez in Renaissance man. Pvt. Benitez learned Shakespeare from Danny DeVito and recites a powerful rendition of St Crispin Day’s Speech.

He also had roles in Sopranos, Crimson Tide, Enemy of the State, In the Shadows, and Dead on Arrival.

Oklahoma City’s Pop Culture Con is honored to introduce to you, Lillo Brancato Jr.!!!

1 thought on “OKC POP CON welcomes Lillo Brancato Jr

  1. Have seen recent interviews with Lilo.
    Seems to have turned his life around and I believe he will do extremely well in his acting “comeback” given the chance.
    This guy has certainly been through a lot and will also be an inspiration to many who have gone or are going through difficult times.
    In fact, it would serve Lilo well to look up Michael Franzese a phenomenal human being and life coach as a “mentor,.

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